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Electric Relaxation

Freestyle Over A Classic


About eclassfresh89

Freshdaddy 89' aka E.Fresh has been seriusly working on music since his freshmen year in High School. He is a triple threat MC/Songwritter/Ghostwritter. He has grown up around other hot young unsigned mc's across the country such as... Joe Cool, J. Uzzle, & Tipsebaby and the list goes on. But He fills he has a different element to bring to the game not just the great music but it's also a world wide movement if you will. With his sharp lyrics, on the nose punchlines, & wordplay that comes for vets in the game ten years his senior, he is ready to take the game by storm. His styles natures to Backpackers, Hustlas, Hipsters, & Skaters.Now he is being backed by independent label Swagg Genius its like a fresh new start.He is currently putting the finishing touches on his mixtape Urban Masterpiece.

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